Pulpo Paul. . koochiekoochiekooo :-* :D :D

Mwaaah. . .jeez =P

Mwaaaaaaaaaaah . . .Jeez Ooops 😛

Yes I am crying. Yes I am being crazy.Yes my heart is so full of emotions that I just want to burst into tears or into laughter . Any of the two will do because I , Xehra Batool just stepped over a threshold level of utter joy that it made me end up somersaulting into Spain’s territory.  😀 Today of all the day , I leaped 5 cm above the ground and high-fived my brother smacking it so hard , that also for the first time. 😀 OMG, I am totally at loss of words. . my eyes flicker, my heartbeats won a marathon just now, my mind is numb and the sparkling red blurred every other thing in my sight range. ❤  La Roja. . ! 🙂