La Roja . . .and M. Amir is funny! =P

I am not much into sports. The reason simply being lack of know-how about the game rules. I always have to bug my bro at each whistle ( the one that referee blows of course) to tell me what on earth is going on. But yeah I do have a thing for sports be it soccer, cricket or badminton. So here goes what I mean to condense; two hilarious sports moment on consecutive days . With the hyped-up twenty twenty cricket match b/w aussies and green shirts, I was there too just sitting idly in front of  TV. Why idly? because a team as unpredictable as Pakistan has failed to infuse that patriotic spirit in me that it used to do some years ago. So there I sat neutrally and totally unbiased for the heck of it. Amidst Papa’s paranoid prophecies and bro’s pro-pak comments I smirked and wore the smug expression for the rest of the time. Thence were the last overs that had to stamp upon the game’s fate and there came the lad who sometime does wonders.And there came the sight to behold.; An exultant  bowler almost hugging the batsman he ousted . LOL . In his excitement  he did not even bother to look around or assess that to whom he leaped into. We all broke into laughter that turned into a still smile as pak won the trophy. 😀 😀

The second thrilling incident was the yest’s fifa world cup match b/w Germans and Spanish. A match I anticipated like anything . Spain played like they’re trying really hard. And that’s what I loved about the game. They dominated the possession and won the game alongwith my heart. lol . I felt like a Spanish yesterday as I experienced the same enthusiasm that should be rejoiced by their people only. My heart danced as they celebrated. I was really happy and that confused me. May be what I call infused-racing-blazing-patriotism is just adrenaline with some ml of endorphin and nothing else. Who knows. What concerns me and I anticipate next is which colour sprouts over the globe on 11th July. My heart quietly insists : La Roja!