The day I watched Inception.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I guess I had written this post earlier too and also had the privilege to publish it on this very blog. So basically its a déjà vu moment for me, a dream to say the least. And oh boy! Dint you really like it?  You were like spammmmming your timelines by tweeting your heads off about it. I blushed. I *facepalm*-ed. I was flattered. Until I realized the funny part … that it was the dream within a dream =P

Funny shit is regularly brewed up inside the brain-box but is is highly augmented when you happen to watch quite inspirational movies. Speaking of which, the movies we watch might shrink down to two expression-based categories.

•This-aint-going-to-be-on-my-fb status-cuz-u’ll-judge-my-caliber-thru-that-eeeek!

Animated movies top the list =P Other than that, my personal favorites are those that were screened before my birth, pity we don’t see eye to eye over that. Kungfu panda is love, really. Just because you watched the sequel in 3 D cinema do not give you any legitimate rights to bad mouth about the first part, hmph! (That’s for you A.B)

•Imma-desperately-brag-abt-this-movie-cuz-m-as-kewl-as-the-world-yo! (SO NOT)

Those movies include the famous box office hit trilogies even though they are as lame as my blog 😉  Also those high tech, nerve wracking ones and even though you don’t get what they try to preach, but still you gotta watch em because u once accepted the challenge to be cool. 😉

Switching back to the topic, I happened to watch Inception in my semester break. I remember Hammad’s tweet then that was somewhat like this:- The awkward moment when a woman understands Inception. MRH is a consoling teddy bear though, quickly assured me that I wasn’t as dumb as to not get what Inception is all about.

But Tehe! For me Inception fell down to the latter category. Whatever I extracted from the movie is as follows:


As much as I despised Bella from Twilight, this woman was upto no good as well.

She is a projection who would not stop haunting the dear hubby. Her appearance in Ariadne’s dreams is a funny twisted thing though. She is adamant and she sucks big time for marrying the thief, ok sorry we are not told why they married, whoops. Cant decide which character sucks more.

Cuz Zinadagi main tou sabhi pyaar kiya kartay hain! ♫

And the suicide thing is the only good thing perhaps that happened with Mal. The former and latter scenes were  a headache.

♦ Limbo, limbo, shut up dingo!

Nice that you introduced the fears regarding what would happen if you die in a dream. I died many times and woke up in the morning. May be you need to get your device fixed Cobb bro!

♦ The Dumb Little girl Ariadne:

The wanna-be girlfriend type attitude is not necessary when you’re hired on professional basis, dear!

"Your guilt defines her. It's what powers her. But you are not responsible for the idea that destroyed her. And if we are going to succeed in this, you have to forgive yourself and you're going to have to confront her. But you don't have to do that alone." GO HUNT ARTHUR, B#$%H PLEASE?

What I dislike most about her is that low I.Q tag stamped on her face. Sorry, cant help it.


I might be dumber to dislike the movie, but oh well… thats the way it is!

No doubt about it being a thriller movie. However, its lengthy for no good purpose, disorienting much, over hyped up, kinda trying too hard to press the same points and adding the romantic figures for the heck of it. The cooler concept could have been supported with a better plot and better story, methinks.

But perhaps that’s just me!

Yeahh! that's me!