Sour side of sorority!!

Witnessed the two lasses grown up together?
sharing the woes and secrets,
and blurring, broiling blues,
to which the world is apath
wonder we have no clues!

You may find them whisper,
the “sweetest” hums of friendship
under the parking shade
besides the bank of river.
wonder we have no clues!

In low days they will,
sit hands intertwined
they pat and tap and dab.
their harmonies aligned
wonder we have no clues!

Along this clueless trail
you may find someday
one kissed the lips of other
her smile so frail. .
wonder we have no clues!

She hugged her the tightest
and rubbed the back and said;
we are the friends forever
who dares to separate?
wonder we have no clues!

And so they kissed again
and tell the onlooker
O’ cut the holy crap!
we just madly love each other.”
wonder we have no clues!

and then they kissed thrice.
and cuddled each other
dismissed their proposals
and kicked away the suitors
wonder we have no clues!

With that they walked away
towards nothingness. .
their near and dear ones and ‘who not’ did the follow
but desperation led the way.
wonder we have no clues!


Well. . . (: I don’t know if what I tried to convey is easy to decipher or not. . :s but that’s all I could say and pen down as I am more than just shocked . . Couldn’t sleep last night and thought over THIS. Would you think otherwise if a person you know since Montessori turns out to be . . .not straight! and her own father calling her existence as God’s curse. I feel so awful and so sorry. . . I just can’t express. People are becoming sapphic , that’s right! I blame parents and near ones in many cases. Had they discouraged the girl’s inclinations and interests since her childhood she wouldn’t spoil herself like that. People used to APPRECIATE her and LOVE her for what she was becoming . Being tomboy is not cool. .for God’s sake. It increases the production of testosterone manifold if a girl starts thinking like a boy. We as a society are the most insane ,illiterate people on earth. . . Wonder we have no clues!!!