Top five reasons why I hate you so much!


A face only a mother can love.


Let’s start with something even “you” could not help i.e

the Reason no. 1) Why Oh why did not someone just steal you as soon as you were delivered on  26th of julyy . Could not some nurse sell you to anyone after all you were so handsome even as a child. You could be worth err . .one-time meal to some poverty stricken nurse. Could not you? Had you not been born and brought up by a feudal family like yours , m sure we did not have to endure you as Mr. P (Read: Pee)  !

Reason No. 2) :
Screw arranged marriages! Why could not you be brave and daring enough to marry a woman who deserved to be your life partner? Why did you end up marrying a total arranged marriage?  Quoting from somewhere :

“In Pakistan, there is more respect given to married women than to single women. Additionally, a single woman would not be allowed to be head of state. This reality helped B make the decision to agree to an arranged marriage.After their arranged marriage was announced on July 29, 1987, A sent B roses every day and gave her a heartshaped ring of diamonds and sapphires. B had met A five days before the public announcement of their planned winter wedding. “
Aha!!!!  how pathe/roman-tic . . .

Reason No. 3) :

I mean excuse me, You could have been generous enough to donate your whole self as a cadaver to medical students like us. .  we would treat you really well. But what the hell you did? :-s It concerns me so much that a person would not mind implanting artificial organs. but yours? *peeeeeyooook* :s

Reason No. 4) :
I know your fruit-bearing international tours are more important than national disasters but Your Highness !!!!! why don’t you just shift over there and spare the pak land? If you’re not comfy with ruling over phones? you can always make your governing page on Facebook ? or you can run commands over twitter. I assure, we would remain as happy for you as we already are.

Reason No. 5) :
I could not make a nice cartoon of you. 😦  Sooooo, m sad! Why could not you have some features easy to draw? You have utterly disappointed me. Hmph! Since I can’t take it anymore, m publishing this mentally defecated material =P Peace out!