Trick or Treat Mr. Brain? Part One.


Three years and 6 semesters!

You would’ve thought we’d have excelled at playing Eeny, meeny, miny, moes while attempting Best Choice Questions by now and thus have earned respectable GPAs in black & white.

You also could have imagined that whining might have superseded itself and a conscious person might have taken birth within us without managing to make us sound and appear gravid.

But dear me, its just a dragged limbo where we’re drugged and our brains even more drugged.

This semester I had a full cauldron of things to keep me busy stirring it which obviously resulted in a very oh-God-Just-get-me-thru-this-last-time-without-actually-studying-will-be-a-good-girl-next-time-pinkie-promise type desperate prayers. After getting done however, I gave it a second to the power 238 thoughts. These are the points I plan to cover in next semester’s resolution hence I typed them up here since such online dogmas calls for publishing, here it goes:


1) Acquaint Your Ass With The Study Table:

Your ass is also connecetd to your brain which is a sad news. However, you’ve to ignore the brain part here and take your little gluteus maximus for a causal trip to the study table. Place all the exuberant items on the table and decorate it with vibrant colors. Don’t forget to place your ipod and lappie there too. Your table must have jars of munchies and chocolates. Some nuts would help too for nuts like u…us! Day 1-5 must go without placing any books whatsoever on it, a little funky notebook could do though. For first five days just sit there and chat with anoymous people, you can also brag about your tough studies but thats just an idea. On Day 6, place your books one by one. You can now take a picture to show off your study table so that it garners sloppy lovey-dovey phone conversations from your mom back home who might even break into tears that her kiddo means business now. :’)

2- Your Faithful Caff:

Despite all cAMP activating shit, the only effects on caffeine that I can vow upon are illustrated below:


There is a lota in the background if you fail to decipher that =P

However, you steel bladders must give it a try if that has once proved to be effective for you. How I love Placebos! (Y)

3- *Tweet, Tweet, Repeat* :


Now that you’ve made a habit of using your study table and there lies a mug of frothy coffee on it you’re ready to make a public announcement about your study plans. Here are a few sample tweets:

1) Holy Cow! Full modules of cardio and GIT, I am so screwed #FML

2) Exams in xyz days. Yayyyyy, How I love getting disctinctions 😛 #JK

3) THAT MUCH SYLLABUS! Don’t even have time to freak out!!! (You surely have time to tweet that though ^_^ )

4- Migraine and exams, sorry what do we call migraine again?

Point is, whatever you do just keep writing tweets about impending examismus, it would lure your brain into thinking that you might really want to study. Also while we’re at it, please ignore the others on the TL who would keep thinking that if their syllabus is realy that difficult, who is dying for their tweets anyway, go study bhaeee!” But you, my friend shouldn’t let them dampen your spirit and gotta ignore them, cause they’re the OTHERS, remember? 😛

4- Be unorthodox:

Despite setting books on your table, you know how you hate them. Now is the time you invent your own stuff… lets say flash cards, puzzles and buy all those anatomy coloring books and MRS series if you’re studying medicine. You must also watch youtube for all those mnemonics and beautiful bacteria. If you get acquainted with flash cards, at least pharma would be THE game, my dear.

5- Fail Like There is No Tomorrow:

Remember guilt is the best impetus. You must really fail one or two exams so that confidence doesn’t hamper your studies. You need to get insulted by the professors once in a while in unit tests viva… only then you would learn how to clear your exams in the end. XD

Disclaimer: That is all for the Part One, since we have a different genetic makeup please don’t rely on my tips for tricking your brain into studying like that but if that works some how, you’re welcome 🙂