Ladies, Constant Vigilance.

It’s easy to blame some other country’s singers for inducing sensuality that accentuates animal instincts in human beings.

It’s easy to blame women for bringing out a rapist in an otherwise ‘innocent’ human being.

It’s easy skimming thru a rape story and a small tsk here and a small tut there.

What’s not easy is creating a difference, to do your role in society because goddammit, you’re so happily sitting in your comfort zone munching those popcorn watching eve teasing as a funny scene in an otherwise romantic movie.

I’m emotionally exhausted. I see those faces, these prebuscient girls and those shivers that run down spine and I don’t know what to feel anymore. The worst thing about such case scenarios is that we can help yet we choose to not let these things affect us.

I don’t forgive myself for apathy, you shouldn’t be doing that either.

The rape incidents that went viral in India and now Pakistan are so much like an epidemic. There’s a pattern and then there’s same vehicles (medically and literally); Prebuscient girls and public transport.

Here’s an account of something that happened with an acquaintance few days back in Karachi:

Sara took a Qingqi somewhere near Jauhar. The driver asked her if he could also let another woman, who was veiled, to ride his qingqi. Sara refused saying I’m already sitting how could you let another passenger in. He said she’s just a woman. She said ‘no’, even more vehemently. The qingqi stopped near the woman anyway, he said something inaudible to Sara’s ears to that woman and she climbed in. Sara steadied herself to disembark when the woman gripped her arm and said: “Aise kese jaane dain gay?” (How can we let you go just like that?) She screamed, pulled her arm free of her grip and jumped. The qingqi drove off because heads turned in that directions, cars stopped.

There was another similar incident that actually met an unfortunate end. The hospital where mom works at has a rickshaw stand right outside. One of the nurses took her ‘routine’ rickshaw, the familiar driver. He did the same ‘noble’ gesture, offering her to share her fare with another woman who was standing few blocks away. The nurse happily allowed. They took her to some shady place and robbed her, the guy tried making ‘advancements’ only to be distracted by some automobiles in a distance.

The only point of telling these stories is when you travel alone, you need to prepare yourself for the worst. There are very simple things that can save you from being robbed or raped or worse. I would be blogging on this subject in structural form in coming days and I would be really glad if any of you’d like to contribute by sending me guest posts.

Here’s the simplest link I found while searching for applying self defense principles: Read on the subject, inculcate awareness in your immediate circle.

We’ll see how…

*Sara is a pseudonym for obvious reasons.