Enough Is Enough!!!!

Two things , I grew up being told:

1) Children and 2) Elders are not to be questioned for their misdeeds as they are “children” and “elders” respectively. I might feign some respect to this rule as a part of me dreads the widening eyes and horrified expressions of my mother that tells me to reconsider the grounds of upbringing I was rendered. However the other ( read : the real)  part of me desperately wants to boot the backs of  those nasty, irritating creatures irrespective of their ‘sanctified’ age .

I mean why should I condone if a child ( N.B : that of + 5 ) does something really terrorizing and devastating? I can’t stand someone making my room the tora bora and messing up with my stuff . Don’t get me wrong ,I just want to teach such a child what should he do and what not really pyaar se. How parents react when I try to do so is another story :/ My sincere apologies to such parents as I fail to read the ‘goodness’ of their child’s heart and his innocent,OMG-how-cute,amiable harkatain that cost me just a few materialistic things (hmph) . They are children afterall with inverted commas :/

Elders are wayy much nuisance than children, I can conclude that. Why? because as the age keeps degenerating their neurons and screwing up their neurotransmitters ( eroding their so-called intelligence for short) , they start screwing others out of their . . .err. . .elder-ness I guess. They will say highly unreasonable things in public, mock others and throw tantrums .Mind it, you can be the next target. Read this for a short and clear instance. What should you do then? Sit back with your mouth zipped-up or risk being called as crude and owning a patarrrpatarrr-ing tongue.LOL

So here I implore with all my mights that please start calling a spade a spade. This is the time we should discourage the favors a misdo-er can grab out of his goddamn age factor . Enough is up-to-the-brim enough now!!!!!!!! :@

7 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough!!!!

  1. fa says:

    Ever heard ppl say k if a girl employs a “patarrpatarring” tongue, she must as well wave all the suitable suitors goodbye? Its true, who would want to marry a laraka larki? 😛
    Calling a spade a spade might to more bad than good, nae? what say?

    BTW, Thaaannnksss :))

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